Financial Literacy


And how to make them work for you

Most Canadian don’t understand how money works and how to make it work for them. Lack of financial education means lack of financial confidence. You can’t control economic crises and market fluctuations but there is a lot you can control.

This one-hour session on Financial Literacy outlines the basic concepts Canadians of all ages and incomes need to understand to be financially literate. At the heart of it, financial success comes not from your education in mathematics, but from your understanding of both financial concepts and psychological triggers.

Understand “the tilt” and what a psychologist-turned-professional-poker- player can teach you about getting smart with your money. You’ll also learn some of the secrets used by wealthy Canadians, such as:

How to create financial strategies NOW so that you know exactly where you’ll be in the next 10 years

How to get out of debt and improve your credit score

How managing your cash flow can get you from where you are today to a secure retirement.

How to protect your most important asset.

How to be a better decision maker by understanding your emotional triggers


The material is relevant to you if you feel that a lack of understanding the basics of finances has left you in a position where you have to fend for yourself.

You will leave the session with the knowledge to immediately apply one or two strategies to improve your financial well-being. You will resolve some doubts about how money works so you can develop a plan to achieve your personal financial objectives.


There is no promotion of financial products during this webinar. You will have the option of booking a private consultation with the instructor to identify your personal financial goals and to clarify any questions you have about your own financial future.


Registrants are entitled to an optional, personal consultation at no cost or obligation. Based on the information you provide, your instructor can advise you on next steps in money management.


After participating in the webinar you will have weekly access to the instructor to consult with her on your personal financial strategies.