Cash Flow Planning

A Fresh Approach to Budgeting using a Cash Flow Plan

Allocating take-home pay is the base of any successful financial strategy, yet 53% of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque in spite of making a good income. Up until now we have been taught the wrong approach. Budgeting doesn’t work; cash flow plans do.

This one-hour webinar will teach you why a fresh approach to budgeting is an essential step to realizing your financial goals and dreams. Budgeting is a good tool for a finite project such as a renovation or an upcoming event like a holiday or birthday party. Budgeting does not work at all for everyday spending in today’s world when plastic has almost completely replaced cold hard cash.

The alternative to budgeting is a Cash Flow Plan: learn how to lower your risk of overspending by reallocating your expenses into two categories to grow your savings and slash debt. You will see how to free your brain from the overwhelming task of keeping track of day to day purchases without managing spreadsheets.


You have created budgets but failed to follow them long term.

You have credit card or other debt that you struggle to pay off.

You want real-life examples of how Cash Flow Plans work.

You have short and long term financial goals.

You are serious about gaining money management knowledge.


As this is an educational program, there is no promotion or solicitation of financial products. Questions about your specific situation will be best answered during your personal consultation.


Registrants are entitled to an optional, personal consultation at no cost or obligation. Based on the information you provide, your instructor can advise you how to structure your cash flow plan. This session will help you identify your personal financial objectives and develop a plan to achieve them.


After participating in the webinar you will have weekly access to the instructor to consult with her on your personal financial strategies.